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Posted by CharzzyWorks - 11 days ago

Project Night’s Blade

Episode 0 – Happy birthday!

Created by Maddy.

inspired on Symmetry and friends by plants10000


               *As soon Charlotte battery was full, she woke up, not knowing what happened of who she was, she did find a name tag up her chest, she couldn’t see it, however she did know that she could talk, but it sounded muffled. *

Charlotte: Waheeey what is going on??? Where am I?

               *A mysterious note was on the ground…*

“Hello, if you can read this, keep away from Axocity, my man doesn’t want you there and neither his wife, alright some introduction, your name is Charlotte, as you can see for the nametag on your ugh, breast? Yeah, remove them because they will make the sound on your speaker muffled…

               *Charlotte quickly removes it*

…Ugh, Outervile is a nice city ya hear? Keep there, I recommend also getting away from this hell hole it doesn’t fit an, machine? Lady? Well, it doesn’t fit you, I’m sorry I’m not as successful it was all I could rent, there is a lot of your species there, oh! So… they told me two things I need to say to you however I think for the best of you I will change one order, alright let’s start with the first thing, BE HAPPY! Yeah, can you do this for me? Your uncle Gabriel G.? Be the sweetest little girl you were meant to be, also try to learn things on your own, alright cutting the act please keep this in your… What do they call this… Hard disk? I don’t know, keep this in your important stuff, DO NOT OPEN YOUR CHEST, since you are not human you won’t get curious, I and your eh parents? Well, we don’t want you to be what they intendent to be, Alright little Charlotte, also no, you can’t hug me… haha I’m kidding you won’t even find me.

-Uncle Gabriel

Charlotte: Uncle? HAHA one day I going to find you and hug you old man.


*As Charlotte bust the door a man comes and say*

Man: Ugh can you not? It is like 7 am I have a pretty bad sleep and I live in this hell hole motel, me and the boy’s can’t do enough on our own and…

Charlotte: Oh so you all need help?

Man: Well yeah?

Charlotte: Maybe I can do it!

Man: Pff… Where can you find an therapist here, god dammit, no one here understand that maybe when you are not attending an client you could do some work on other stuff like, administrate some documents and all I mean it is basically two jobs for anyone willing to do it!

Charlotte: What is a job?

Man: Ahm… (well this robot seems weird, normally bots around this town are ahm not that naïve? Well maybe she can do us a favor), do you need money?

Charlotte: Why would I?

Man: Well if you don’t pay your electric bill you ain’t gonna be here for too long you know that? And no energy means you are basically dead and if you stay around this town I heard someone is interested on robots, but hey, if you think being a slave is good, go for it! ( I mean, I’m not gonna slave her it is just 6 hours job, and maybe she can get something nice!)

Charlotte: When do I start?

Man: Who said you are hired? You need to pass a test first young lady.

Charlotte: :D Seems fun, when does it start?

Man: Hm… Now, follow me.

               *Both goes to a sketchy therapy place, the building is actually pretty nice inside, Charlotte start waving to every single entity there, and yes even a dog.”

Man: Ok wait here…

Charlotte: Wait how am I going to identify you?   You never told me your name.

Man: Hmmm call me Raphael…

Charlotte: Bye bye Mr.Raphael!

               *Charlotte starts talking to a depress patience*

Charlotte: Are you here for the job?

DP: Wha? N-no I’m here to take my medicine…

Charlotte: For what?

DP: Well… Depression? I don’t know they told me not to keep saying it but I need to say it to my parents so that is a bit confusing.

Charlotte: It doesn’t really make sense, why are you “depress”?

DP: So, there was my cat, playing around the other street cats… They didn’t like my cat and they all started to punching him, until one… One harm him pretty bad, we tried to take him to the vet but, we didn’t have the money to treat him, some time later he stopped breathing. We buried him in our garden.

Charlotte: Why don’t you try to get another?

DP: WHAT? NO. I LOVED HIM, I’ll never love another one like him…

Charlotte: Well, you never know until you try again, try to love again.

DP: But I miss him so much…

Charlotte: What is love?

DP: Uh? Well, I suppose it is when you get attached to someone… Emotionally, my mom said when you love, you need to let it go.

Charlotte: Uh, I don’t know what part of your body is mom but, you probably should listen! I mean I want to find my uncle and hug him but, he said I won’t find him, so maybe I should let him go! Or I could find another uncle named Gabriel G.! Anyways he seems like someone who knows me.

DP: Hehehe I guess you are right! Well, I think I feel better, I will get another cat and love just at was with Gabe!

Charlotte: Have fun with new Gabe!

DP: No, they won’t be a new Gabe they will be their self’s!

Charlotte: Yeah, that is probably better!

DP: Thank you blue-berry bot!

Charlotte: Bye bye!

Raphael: Alright uhg…. Where is Angelo?????

Charlotte: Just helped him, he just needed someone to listen.

Raphael: Uh but me and… You didn’t just listen did you?

Charlotte: Yeah I also talked with him… Did I did something wrong?

Raphael: Well yeah but, you should kept quiet until ur test started!

Charlotte: Well what is an test?

Raphael: It is suppose to see… If… you are valid for the service…

Charlotte: And? There is more?


Raphael: Alright god dammit, you will start tomorrow since you already did a job here, I’ll give you this, money.

Charlotte: Oh neat! What can I do with it?

Raphael: Uh buy stuff? I recommend you buying a house since you live in a hell hole.

Charlotte: Nah I’m happy there! Well, I will take this money for the energy bill!

Raphael: Whatever just be here at 7 again, and don’t get cocky! You can be good at listening and talking but your job isn’t just that, since you are a robot, I presume you know how to use computers, you know? Your baby better version… Ok sorry I didn’t mean to sound so mean it was a joke. But anyway, you can go now, you pretty much finished what we had for today, me and Nikolas can finish the rest of the work by our own and see what we will do with you.

Charlotte: Alright thanks a lot MR. Raphael! See you tomorrow!

               *Charlotte goes to her apartment and start putting the money on the ground*

Charlotte: Now you all be here, I going to explore the city!

               *Charlotte takes her rollers out and start running around the town, she see something flying, she see people walking, she sees “people” looking fellas, She also sees Angelo with his mom buying more kittens*

               *She sees an teenager with tentacles she stop to ask what are those tentacles*

Charlotte: WOAH, what are those???

Teenager: Ough another invention I made, can you not ask?

Charlotte: Well I can but I don’t want to, are you an science guy?


Charlotte: Oh cool! Can you explain me what are science?

teenager: Huff, well, being the genius I’m of course I will “Science is a system to explain most situations that happen on our daily life’s, like for an example evolution.”

Charlotte: Cool! Uh, what are the science of making friends?

Teenager: Well apparently it is sympathy BUT THIS IS NOTHING I’m full of it I’m suppose to be a goddamn genius and no one talked to me during school! So apparently you just need to be bumpy and idiot, pretty much like yourself, idiot bot.

Charlotte: So that means we are friends?

Teenager: Hmmm I could use something related to you… But no I’m too busy with my technology it is way important than an idiot naïve bot like yourself.

Charlotte: Oh cool! Can you show me?

Teenager: NOOO GET OUT!!!

               *Charlotte laughs and rollers out*

Teenager: Hehehe, maybe I can turn her into a bad view on this city… Well, maybe that other bot will go on her knees when see me and my plan, however I need time to work on those machines.

               *Charlotte stumble on a bumb and hit her arm a little bit, a dog appears from the alley to lick Charlotte arm.*

Charlotte: Aww, hello little creature, what they call you?

               *the dog doesn’t do anything or bark*

Charlotte: If it is going to be that way I’ll just touch your nose than haha, how that feels?

               *the dog doesn’t care, and goes back to the alley*

*Charlotte suddenly sees a pinky purse*


               *Charlotte forgets the money on her apartment. Suddenly some cocky person get in the reflection of the glass.*

EgoMan: Say, you like this purse? Well I see you don’t have any pockets or any money, so you can’t steal it or buy it, how patethic, only if you were rich like I was, but since you are an pretty lady, maybe a man like me could do you a favor, here buy that stupid purse you want, of course you wouldn’t get if wasn’t me!

Charlotte: How kind! Thanks for the free money!

               *Charlotte doesn’t care for how egocentric the man is, the man just doesn’t understand what happened, normally he would get the finger but Charlotte just took the money*


Charlotte: Why?


Charlotte: But you gave to me, so it is mine.

EgoMan: Whatever I’m rich, I don’t need stupid ass poor chicks, I prefer humans, they actually gives me attention.

               *Charlotte doesn’t understand why that happened but she got really happy for having the pink purse, it was getting late so she decides to go home and put the money on her purse.*

[one year goes by]

               *Charlotte now have money to move out from her birth home to an actual home! Raphael says there is someone that you might like it living on the same district as she’s gonna move. That is, Charlotte would start her life as a professional goofball and sometimes an therapist*

(this part continues on Symmetry and friends S1E7 A friendly face)

               *Meanwhile on Axocity, On the five-star hotel*

Mysterious man: So… did you find the blade? No… How upsetting, anyway did you found the body of Austin? Alright, bring to the lab lets see what we can do, and about David, bring him to the lab so he can be fully aware of what he chooses… now about the “child”, I don’t want her dead, she can be great for the blade, she become a nice vessel, that man will never imagine where the blade is, anyway those bots aren’t our problem, no, not at all, anyways do not start Austin without me I want to make sure she is aware.

(this is the end! Of episode one! Hehe I hope you like it!)


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10moons 1080p



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iu_374677_9611588.png i will get the Huion H430p pretty poggers